Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 48 - Transfer to Cuiaba, Brazil

Monday- So I'm still we stayed home again....
Tuesday- We went to lunch and then went back home and had a meeting with our ward mission leader, Elton!  Afterwards the Dr. in São Paulo called me and I talked more with him and he told me to take some other the Elders went with us and we bought MORE medicine..... :/

Wednesday- We had lunch with Jussara and then we went and visited Isabelle, a new investigator we found before I got sick...while we were visiting with her Sister Reber called me and I talked with her, in the end we decided that it was a lot better for me just to go to Cuiabá and go to a doctor there then to stay in Cáceres and keep taking medicine prescribed over the phone and because we don't know what I have she told me to pack after visiting Isabelle we went home and I started packing.

Thursday- We left Cáceres at 8:45am and got here in Cuiabá and went straight to the doctor. He said that he thinks that I just had a stomach infection. But he had me do a few tests to be sure and then I will take the results to him when I get them.

Friday- So I did the tests today and then we just stayed with the Elders in the mission office and helped them out.

Saturday- We stayed in the office again and helped out more and then the sisters in Verdão had a Wedding/Baptism at 7 so we went to that. It was cool. :) 

Sunday- We went to church and everyone kept asking if Sister Huayhuas and I were the new sisters for the ward....they have been wanting sisters for a while now....and when we told them no they were a bit sad....they are really cool. :) Then we went to lunch. After lunch we went on a visit with the Elders and then to the office so they could do the transfers.....and yes we had to wait for our District leader to call to recieve our transfers....and I will be staying HERE! haha Actually at the last minute President Reber changed his mind and moved me to open Cuiabá C.  We actually heard the assistants freaking out about it haha and then they opened the door and asked if we heard anything haha.  Sister Huayhuas will stay in Cáceres and train and I will stay HERE in the same house that we are already staying and I will train. President Reber hasn't told anyone who they will train yet. :/
Sister Emma Marion

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