Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 47 - Brazil

Monday- We had to go to Cuiabá for ANOTHER meeting x( So we got on a bus with the elders and went.....when we got there we walked from the bus station to the office.....well we tried anyway... normally its like a 15 minute walk...butttt we got lost....welllll I got us lost and it actually took an hour and a homeless drug user to get us in the right direction.....BUT eventually we got there.....and no one was there we waited and then when Elder Leão (hehe his name means lion) and Elder Bonaro got there we went to McDonalds! 

Tuesday- We had our meeting and then we had lunch with the sisters in Verdão then visited with a family that Sister Huayhuas helped baptize then we went to the office again and then went to the bus station (with out getting lost this time haha) and went home!!

Wednesday- Well I woke up with a whole lot of pain in my stomach that I couldn't stay straight....only doubled we stayed home...

Thursday- So I woke up and my stomach was still hurting.....soooo we called Sister Reber...who called the mission dr in São Paulo who called me and passed on some medicine to take....he also said that I couldn't leave the house....because my body is weak and I need to rest... BUT I reached the 1 year mark!!! :D Yayy!! AND our washing machine came in!!! :D 

Friday- So I didn't leave the house.....well just to buy medicine and food....but then I went home and slept...

Saturday- Still stayed at home....

Sunday- I went to church and then to lunch and then Arlete (Relief Society President- and a mom) fussed at me for not already going to a doctor (because I still wasn't better) and made me go to the Pronto Socorro (which is a free clinic)...So turns out that the Dr. there says that it's my body's natural reaction to the climate change...even though I've been here almost a year my body hjas been trying to catch up. So he told me to buy some medicine and put an IV in my hand (because once again the vein in my arm busted when they tried there) to rehydrate me. So now all will be well :)

Sister Emma Marion
One year serving in Brazil!

New washing machine

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