Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 45 - Brasil

Monday- So we spent p-day with the elders today. We went to Subway for lunch and then got ice cream and took lots of pictures by the river!! IT was really fun!! Then we went to Jussara's house and had a family night and made chili!!! Everyone LOVED it!!! Haha!! I'm bringing Texas to Brazil!! :)

Tuesday- We had a division and I went with Sister Grimes. We did a lot of contacts....we were really tired when we got home!! Haha!! And then we went with the other sisters and elders to have pizza with Geovan and Gisselle. 

Wednesday- After lunch with Jussara we visited with Elton's mom, Margarita! She hasn't been coming to church and we have been worried about her. Turns out that she is relying solely on Elton to bring her to church. BUT he also has to bring Jussara and his daughters to church and he only has a motor....so its complicated....

Thursday- So we had our weekly planning today. Then we taught seminary and then visited with Geovan to talk about the commandments with him and help him prepare for his baptism Saturday!!!! :D We are really excited!!

Friday- So we tried to visit a referral that we got but the house numbers are all wrong so we spent our day walking up and down the really long road trying to find her house!!! We never found it.... :( Then we got on the bus and went to seminary!! 

Saturday- Geovan got baptized!!!!!!!!! :D It was the greatest thing ever!!!! BUT we had to spend ALL day at the church to fill the font. :/ It took about 5 hours!!!!  

Sunday- Geovan was confirmed today!! And then we all went to Gisselle's uncles house for lunch!! (He is a chef!!) It was really good!!!! Then we started walking the hour walk to the church but then Elder Pacheco did a hitchhiker sign and someone stopped and gave us a ride!!! It was kinda funny!!!! But we did a contact with the guy too!!! Haha! Then Sister Huayhuas and I tried to visit a few people that we found in some old registers but 1 wasn't home, the 2nd moved, and the third....died 2 yrs. ago......it was really sad. :( 

Sister Emma Marion
Geovan's baptism (see Saturday entry)

Sister Huayhuas & Sister Marion at the Rio Paraguai (Paraguay River) in Caceres 

Sister Huayhuas & Sister Marion on P-day
We LOVE Brazil!!

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